Cryptonite NXT

Defend before detection_

Cryptonite NXT—a smarter way to defend your network—prevents reconnaissance and keeps attackers from spreading malware before it's detected. With Cryptonite NXT, your network is protected and your critical information secure.

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At Cryptonite, our goal is to help enterprises regain the upper hand against attackers, by providing a platform that addresses fundamental weaknesses in today’s networks.

After five years of research and development, Cryptonite was founded in 2015 with a focus on next generation solutions that defend networks proactively—protecting enterprise networks and giving security professionals time to investigate and respond to cyber threats before it’s too late.

Cryptonite NXT


    Cryptonite NXT proactively defends your network. Self-shielding and always-on, it automatically prevents reconnaissance and contains the spread of an attack to keep your organization’s digital assets secure. Learn more about NXT’s Net Guard, Micro Shield, and Auto Defend capabilities.

  • Net Guard

    Cryptonite NXT proactively guards your network by effectively concealing its topology from attackers. Reconnaissance tools are unable to identify vulnerabilities and obtain critical information needed to plan an attack—keeping your network secure, and your attackers guessing.

  • Micro Shield

    Compromises are inevitable. That’s why Cryptonite NXT utilizes attack surface segmentation to contain threats and prevent them from spreading to other critical network services—even before it’s detected. So, now you can shield your network from unnecessary exposure and isolate attacks—whether from cyber criminals, insider threats, or just plain human error.

  • Auto Defend

    An attack can be executed in just moments, and remain undetected for months. Cryptonite NXT is “always-on” to defend your network proactively—even before detection—so you can prevent reconnaissance, safeguard critical data, defend against zero day exploits, and protect network services from the spread of malicious activity, all without even knowing it.

“With this device implemented and configured correctly, identification and enumeration of hosts becomes an improbable attack vector.”

Security & Analytics, Pen Testing, Compliance


“…Cryptonite NXT successfully prevented the network from being enumerated and traced. Standard scanning and spoofing tools provided no actionable intelligence about the protected network.”

Network Security Research & Development


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